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Akashic Records

Confidently Living Your Life Purpose

Colorful Crystal

Akashic Records

The Akashic Records is an intuitive method of connecting with the Masters, Teachers, and Loved ones, to get the information to answer one's questions and help discover one's life purpose. Akashic comes from the sanskrit word Akasha which means space or aether. This is important to know as this space is where the reader connects with the Masters, Teachers, and loved ones to do the reading. 

Something to know with the Akashic Records is that they don't only allow one to discover their life purpose. The Akashic Records is also used to answer questions, discover past lives, see the most likely future, connect with loved ones that have passed away, and much more. The Records are very diverse and always gives the client, the information that they need to help them succeed at this time.

The Records can also help one discover how their everyday actions have meaning. It can show one how not only they are connected with their friends and family, but connected to everyone on a spiritual level. All these things and more can be discovered when accessing the records. 

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