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Getting Things Back on Track

Image by Edz Norton

Tarot Readings

Tarot is a form of cartomancy that is used to bring guidance and support in one's day-to-day life by looking at the Past, Present, and Future. By looking into these area's and many more area's of the clients life, the reader is able to help the client make the best informed decisions that they can. 

A Tarot reading though is comprised of a Reader, Client, and a of course a Tarot Deck. The Tarot deck is then shuffled by the reader and/or the client to randomize the cards. The cards are then laid out on the table and then read intuitively and by their meanings to the client. 

Now I read Tarot slightly different from others. What I mean by this is that, Tarot can be used for more than just telling one's fortune. I personally actually don't like using tarot for this. I have discovered that Tarot can be used to really get deep with the client and their struggles and inquires in life. Together both the client and I, then can use the cards to help create a plan to reach the life or goals that the client desires for their life. 

Things to Know Before Getting a Reading

  • Unlike what most may think, I am not someone who can read minds. Readings are more accurate and more beneficial for the client when they are honest and give all the facts. 

  • I am not a psychic. A psychic reads one's future's and readings that fall under this category are not readings that I like to do as I believe that the future is always changing. So when I am reading I am reading the cards and the energies that are present in the clients life to give them the best reading possible, that helps them get answers. 

  • Lastly though I am confident in my abilities I am legally obligated to tell the follow statement in accordance to the State of Iowa- You must by 18 years or older to purchase this reading. By purchasing this reading and working with me you are agreeing that you are 18 years or older. This reading is not intended to replace legal, medical, psychological, or professional advice. I’m required by law to state that this is for entertainment purposes

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