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Meet The Owner Jacob

Growing up over the years in Cedar Rapids Iowa Jacob was drawn to the holistic studies of the world. At a young age, Jacob was gifted a Tarot deck which then started Jacob's journey in studying esoteric practices. Now for over ten years  Jacob has been studying different holistic and esoteric practices that includes Tarot, Lenormand, Akashic Records, and more! Jacob then discovered the practice of Pranic Healing. With this form of healing he then decided to take what he was learned over the years to become an Alternative Medicine Practitioner. His goal is to help heal as many people he can as well as help heal the community. Another goal Jacob has is to teach those in the community the importance of helping and healing others around him. He hopes that with his business he is able to accomplish his goals and more! 

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Jacob's Approach to Healing

Jacob takes a direct approach when it comes to both healing and doing his readings. Though he is direct he is very delicate and informative. When looking at his approach with Pranic Healing, he likes to keep an open dialogue with the patient so Jacob can really know build a wellness plan that will focus on healing the patient. By building these wellness plans the goal is so the patient continues to heal both in their sessions and outside of them. This also will help the healing process move along faster so the patient can live their life free of health issues. 

When doing divinatory readings, Jacob likes to be informative and direct with his clients. This means he doesn't really use his readings for things like looking into the future or at yes or no questions. Jacob tends to look at things in a deep perspective so his readings are best for those who are looking for answers to help their lives right now. 

Higher Soul Sanctuary-
Mission Statement 

Higher Soul Sanctuary is dedicated to healing others and helping them transcend into the Higher Soul that they are. But not only is Higher Soul Sanctuary dedicated to healing others but it is also dedicated to helping those in the community. This is done by donating 10% of profits to local charities and food banks and by volunteering. This is because the community that we live in is just as important to take care of as our health.

Higher Soul Sanctuary is also dedicated to opening non-profit healing centers in the community. These healing centers are to have Pranic Healers, Reiki Healers, and other healers of different modalities to be available for the community. The hope is also that these healings will be done in an affordable manner that is chosen by the patient as money should never be a reason to turn down healing. Though this may not be today, Higher Soul Sanctuary hopes that it will happen one day. These are the Missions that Higher Soul Sanctuary is dedicated to while growing their business.

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